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How Fieldmobi Frontline Helps Small Businesses Get ERP Ready

Even though enterprise technology has been around for decades, small businesses have struggled to roll out software, especially complex software like ERP, which traditionally have long and complicated implementation processes. Small businesses often simply don’t have the resources to hire expensive consultants or many members of their staff who are able to roll out a system of that sort, leaving most of the work up to the owners, many of whom are not always very comfortable with technology either.

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Fieldmobi Frontline Launching on 20th March - The Fieldmobi Newsletter: Issue 4

Fieldmobi Frontline is Launching on 20th March

If you've been wondering why we've been more quiet than usual lately, it's because we've been hard at work, brewing up a storm. Over the next few months, you can expect a whole lot of news coming your way from us, starting with the launch of Fieldmobi Frontline which goes live on Product Hunt on the 20th of March. You can check out our coming soon page here or go to our website to find out more.

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SaaS Chats: Fieldmobi Smart Notes

Saas Chats: Product Hunt Launches

We were recently invited to join the engaging SaaS Chats Podcast, graciously hosted by Marc Bovenzi. In this insightful episode, our founder, Shambhabi, delved into a lively conversation, unpacking the details of launching a product on Product Hunt.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Why Product Hunt?
    1. Tips on leveraging Social Media for your Product Hunt
    2. Tips on Starting and Building a Community on Product Hunt

  3. Fieldmobi Smart Notes Launch Day
  4. Do you need a Hunter?
  5. Juggling Between Work and Product Hunt Launch
  6. Did the Launch attract some investors?
  7. Fieldmobi Upcoming Launches on Product Hunt
  8. Tips on Reaching Out to the Product Hunt Community


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How to Delete Data

  1. To delete a message, click on the desired message, and wait for the display panel to open.
  2. Once the display panel is open. Click on edit.
  3.   Scroll Down to the...
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