Top 3 Challenges Franchisors Face in Managing Their Franchise Business

As a franchisor, your role goes beyond just selling products. It's about maintaining quality, consistency, and good service across all franchises. Effective management ensures a consistent and positive experience in every shop, fosters brand recognition, supports the success of each location, and improves communication and teamwork among everyone.

Even when a franchise business is managed effectively, there are still some challenges that must be overcome. Some of the most commonly faced problems by franchisors are:

  1. Changing with the Trends in the Market:

    Facing the ever-changing landscape of market trends is a major challenge in franchise management. Markets are always moving, influenced by things like what customers like, new technology, or how the economy is doing. The tricky part is for franchise businesses to quickly and effectively adjust to these changes.

    Adding to the challenge is a lack of awareness of these trends. Staying updated on market trends is never easy. Even if you've stayed updated on these trends, rolling out the changes across your franchises is quite challenging.

  2. Maintaining consistency across franchises: 

    Another significant challenge in franchise management is ensuring consistency across the entire brand. This involves making sure that all aspects, including how products are made, services are provided, and how the brand looks and feels, stay the same. From the way things are arranged and displayed to the overall customer experience, maintaining uniformity across franchises poses a considerable challenge for franchisors. Keeping everything consistent is not an easy task.

  3. Managing Brand Marketing Material:

    Managing a brand's marketing material presents another considerable challenge in franchise management. This involves handling all the materials used to promote the brand, like posters, flyers, or digital content. Ensuring that these materials are not only consistent but also effective across all franchises can be tricky.

    A specific aspect of this challenge includes the functionality of display devices. Franchisors need to make sure that screens, kiosks, or any other devices used for displaying marketing content are not only working but also showcasing the content as intended. The challenge lies in maintaining this consistency across all locations, ensuring that customers receive a unified and positive brand experience.

In this situation, how can you manage numerous shops and ensure that your franchise business becomes successful?

A simple answer to this question is adopting franchise management software. A technology like this allows you to effortlessly coordinate with all your franchise outlets with a few clicks. Additionally, it simplifies and automates those repetitive and time-consuming tasks that often bog you down.

How Fieldmobi Retail Extension can help Franchisors? 

One of the most crucial things is to first figure out what problems you're facing in your day-to-day work. Once you understand these challenges, you can then look for a solution.

If you want a solution to handle your everyday tasks, take care of your franchise details, maintain consistency in all your stores, and manage your assets, Fieldmobi Retail Extension is what you need.


Using the Retail Extension, you can effortlessly keep track of all your Franchise Details, including locations and images. For example, if you're launching a new product, Fieldmobi helps you create a checklist to ensure your franchisors follow the guidelines. You can assign pre-launch marketing material inspections to all your franchises.

Moreover, you can get periodic updates from all your franchises by letting them self-inspect the outlet with precise location, image, and audio capture.

Additionally, you can provide a set of solutions for your franchisees to handle their daily operations. The Fieldmobi Retail Extension has the following Features:

  • Manage Franchise Information: 
    • Manage Details with Locations & Images
    • Mobile App-Based Franchise Data Collection
  • Manage Franchise Quality & Guidelines:
    • Franchises for Periodic Self Inspection
    • Internal or External Audit Teams
  • Manage Marketing Material Roll-Outs Across Franchises:
    • Launch Checklist with Image Capture
    • Assign Pre-Launch Marketing Material Inspection for Franchises
    • Launch Readiness Report
  • Provide Franchise Owners Tools to Manage Operations:
    • Team Attendance, Leave & Roster
    • Outlet Opening/Closing Updates
    • Quick Inspections
    • Issue Reporting and Resolution
Lastly, a crucial part of managing a franchise is staying up-to-date with current market trends. If one of your franchisees notices that a particular product is doing well in a specific season, they can report it on the app. If they observe a competitor running a promotional offer or launching a new product, they can report that too. You can easily conduct a competitor data collection campaign.

The Fieldmobi Retail Extension solves many challenges for franchisors as well as franchisees. If you want to build success for your franchise business, there's no alternative to franchise management software. You need it to stay updated and stay ahead of the curve.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Retail Extension Solutions. We are sure you will like it!

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