Product Hunt #2 Product of the Day, #5 of the Week and #2 of the Week for SaaS: How We Did It

6 months ago, we launched on Product Hunt for the first time with Fieldmobi Smart Notes and came in #5 of the day. (You can read about that here.)

On the 20th of March, we launched again, now with Fieldmobi Frontline. This time we did even better. You can check out our launch page here!

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Here's a quick look at how it went:

  • We ended the day with over 600 upvotes and 250 comments
  • Ended the day as the #2 Product of the Day and was featured in the Product Hunt Daily Newsletter 
  • Ended the week as the #5 Product of the Week and was featured in the Product Hunt Weekly Newsletter
  • Ended the week as the #2 Product of the Week for SaaS
  • Had a 477% spike in website traffic on launch day


Here's what we did leading up to the launch:

One Month Before Launch

  • Launched our coming soon page
  • Started reaching out to the Product Hunt community for support through Linkedin and Twitter
  • Got all our collaterals ready including an intro video and images as well as updated our website

20 Days Before Launch

It was the end of February, and Shambhabi put up a schedule with every day's work listed below each date. We had exactly 20 days to get our product up and running as well as create some traction on social media.


Over the Next 20 Days

  • We posted everyday on Linkedin, X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook, including videos, articles and blogs that were well decided in advance according to the dates

  • We announced our launch in every Product Hunt related group we could find
  • Some of us started getting more active on Product Hunt (though it is always recommended to stay active), posting in discussions, commenting on other launches, etc.
  • The rest of us were focused on getting the product ready

On 20 March (D Day)

We reached the office by 11 am IST. Our goals were pretty clear and we were ready for the battle. We had 24 hours. 12:30 pm to 12:30 pm the next day. We stocked up on ammo, by ammo, I mean food, lots of food and chocolates to go through this 24 hour period. 


We Went Live

And then it began. Drum roll at 12:30 pm sharp. Fieldmobi Frontline was live. We started reaching out to everyone we had previously reached out to and it was amazing to see how many people were interested. 


The 24 Hours

We started getting a pretty strong response quite early on. As the hours passed by, the number of upvotes started increasing. People were commenting and appreciating our product. We saw notable traffic on our website and some people signed up as well. Seeing the numbers increase we were constantly trying not to get too excited. Our comments were almost 50 in the beginning but when it crossed 100 we were hopeful and reassured that Fieldmobi Frontline will be after all standing tall among other products. We were competing for the #1 spot.

I was overwhelmed about the fact that people we contacted before the launch were genuinely happy to see our product live. Each one of them upvoted and congratulated us on the launch on the Product Hunt page. I feel that when you can connect with the community of like minded people it becomes less challenging for you to implement new ideas.

We continuously monitored our statistics, kept replying to the comments and kept reaching out to new people. We also discovered interesting videos and podcasts made by some social media influencers. Such responses and the kind of buzz gave us immense strength to go on till 12:30. Honestly we were tired, in fact sleepy, but something kept us going. Finally the day got over and we went home and slept. 


At the End of the Day

We ended the day at #2. We would have loved to be #1 but were quite happy with our results. On ‘This week’s top Product’, we were in 4th position and knew it would be a tough spot to hold on to. We really hoped we'd stay in the top 5 and we did, ending the week at #5.

We are now proud to say that Fieldmobi Frontline is officially live now!

But I don’t think our work here is done. We are still working each day to make Fieldmobi Frontline more accessible so the applications can be easily managed by business owners and managers.   

Feel free to sign up and contact us for more information and we would be happy to help.


Where can you find us?
Our website:

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    Happy Hunting!

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