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Extending ERP to the Field with Fieldmobi Frontline (Large Enterprises)

From lifestyle to construction, technology is drastically changing everything. Businesses are no longer operating traditionally. ERP providers like SAP and Oracle have been around for decades and almost every major organization is now dependent on them to handle their back office operations. A handful of small enterprises have started implementing ERP as well. 

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Interseed: Advertiser to Tech Entrepreneur

We were recently invited to join the Interseed Podcast, hosted by Tyrone Robb. During our discussion, our founder, Shambhabi, shared insights about our journey of launching Fieldmobi Frontline product on Product Hunt.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Fieldmobi Product Roadmap

    1. Team Manager
    2. Information Manager
    3. Activity and Issue Manager
    4. AI ERP Consultant
  3. Fieldmobi ERP Extensions

    1. Roads Partnership
  4. What makes Fieldmobi different?
  5. Tips for launching on Product Hunt?


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How Fieldmobi Frontline Helps Small Businesses Get ERP Ready

Even though enterprise technology has been around for decades, small businesses have struggled to roll out software, especially complex software like ERP, which traditionally have long and complicated implementation processes. Small businesses often simply don’t have the resources to hire expensive consultants or many members of their staff who are able to roll out a system of that sort, leaving most of the work up to the owners, many of whom are not always very comfortable with technology either.

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