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SaaS Chats: Fieldmobi Smart Notes

Saas Chats: Product Hunt Launches

We were recently invited to join the engaging SaaS Chats Podcast, graciously hosted by Marc Bovenzi. In this insightful episode, our founder, Shambhabi, delved into a lively conversation, unpacking the details of launching a product on Product Hunt.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Why Product Hunt?
    1. Tips on leveraging Social Media for your Product Hunt
    2. Tips on Starting and Building a Community on Product Hunt

  3. Fieldmobi Smart Notes Launch Day
  4. Do you need a Hunter?
  5. Juggling Between Work and Product Hunt Launch
  6. Did the Launch attract some investors?
  7. Fieldmobi Upcoming Launches on Product Hunt
  8. Tips on Reaching Out to the Product Hunt Community


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How to Delete Data

  1. To delete a message, click on the desired message, and wait for the display panel to open.
  2. Once the display panel is open. Click on edit.
  3.   Scroll Down to the...
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Getting Started with Fieldmobi Smart Notes

Are you fed up with the never-ending group chats when it comes to managing your field teams? Dealing with a constant stream of messages, missed updates, and the struggle to keep everyone on the same page can be incredibly frustrating. It's time to leave behind the inefficiencies of group chats and embrace the future of field team management with Fieldmobi! In this guide, we'll take you through the essential steps to liberate your field operations from the chaos of group messaging.

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