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Interseed: Advertiser to Tech Entrepreneur

We were recently invited to join the Interseed Podcast, hosted by Tyrone Robb. During our discussion, our founder, Shambhabi, shared insights about our journey of launching Fieldmobi Frontline product on Product Hunt.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Fieldmobi Product Roadmap

    1. Team Manager
    2. Information Manager
    3. Activity and Issue Manager
    4. AI ERP Consultant
  3. Fieldmobi ERP Extensions

    1. Roads Partnership
  4. What makes Fieldmobi different?
  5. Tips for launching on Product Hunt?


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SaaS Chats: Fieldmobi Smart Notes

Saas Chats: Product Hunt Launches

We were recently invited to join the engaging SaaS Chats Podcast, graciously hosted by Marc Bovenzi. In this insightful episode, our founder, Shambhabi, delved into a lively conversation, unpacking the details of launching a product on Product Hunt.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Why Product Hunt?
    1. Tips on leveraging Social Media for your Product Hunt
    2. Tips on Starting and Building a Community on Product Hunt

  3. Fieldmobi Smart Notes Launch Day
  4. Do you need a Hunter?
  5. Juggling Between Work and Product Hunt Launch
  6. Did the Launch attract some investors?
  7. Fieldmobi Upcoming Launches on Product Hunt
  8. Tips on Reaching Out to the Product Hunt Community


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How We Made It to Product Hunt's Top Products of the Day and Week After Launching on the Most Competitive Day of the Month!

With Product Hunt launches, much like everything else in the startup world, there is always an element of luck. You never know what you're going to get until you do, or (in the case of Product Hunt launches) who you'll be up against. You'd think that the worst that can happen is that major companies like Open.AI or Google will launch something on the same day as you, but as it turns out, there are far bigger threats. From what I've noticed, the hardest launches to battle are well-funded or backed startups and in our case we were a David fighting numerous Goliaths. 

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