Why We're Building Fieldmobi

Digitizing SMBs. Digitizing Communities.

We're building Fieldmobi to make it possible for organizations of different sizes and digitization levels to roll out business applications across their partner networks, making truly digitized value chains a real possibility. This means making application accessible to small and medium businesses while managing the complexity of large enterprises and that's what we strive to do.

When you look at the B2B Tech landscape today, it feels like everyone is digitizing. More organizations than ever before are focused on getting an edge using tech. Whether it's AI or IoT or ERP or Mobile Apps, it feels like everyone's using something, like everything is connected.

In reality however, a significant portion of the value chain remains undigitized. A major reason for this is that small and medium businesses (SMBs) play a significant role in value chains while most tech in targeted at larger organizations, leaving major gaps.

These are companies working with large enterprises as retailers, transporters, raw material providers, etc. They are crucial to value chains but when it comes to value chain digitization they are a major road block.

Many don't use too much tech at all and a lot of the tech that caters to them can't communicate with their larger enterprise counterparts. This doesn't just limit each individual SMB from growing but adversely affects large organizations who work with and depend on them too. Many teams working with SMB vendors and partners still manage tasks and communicate in unstructured ways such as phone calls, emails and messages. Not only is this highly inefficient, there is so much data lost in the process. 


Our goal is to make applications that bring value to both parties with ready-to-use products that SMBs and teams can easily start using and provide customized solutions through our no code platform that large enterprises can roll out amongst their partner networks, all on the same app and platform. Essentially providing a stepping stone to ERP for SMBs and an extension of ERP to fields and partners for large enterprises.


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